Monday, August 01, 2005

Ajloun Castle

My first trip to a castle was pretty fun. I think I may just go down to the Kerak castle after this experience. The coolest part of the tour was seeing where they (people within the castle) would lock the giant wooden doors, and then pour boiling hot oil down on any invaders that were trying to break through the door. Brilliant!!! I'm glad I live in a civilized world full of land mines and smart bombs, imagine boiling oil poured all over one's body, ouch... I wonder if the plastic surgeons back in L.A. could get rid of those scars.


Anonymous samir said...

You'll call me silly, I got "StarWars" chills when i saw the second and third pictures.

This castle feels very strong standing on that hill. It used to be much more beautiful before a snowy winter (some 7 or 8 yaers back) caused it's top floor to cave in. (I used to be little, my info could be wrong)


12:51 AM  
Anonymous Abu'l `Ula said...

Dungeons and Dragons....

1:19 AM  
Blogger alienbea said...

Aljun is wonderful, so is Karak -- but Aljun is in the coolest, temperature-wise, place in Jordan while Karak is in the middle of extremely hot. I visited Karak last August and really recommend you wait until at least September to visit. :)

6:41 PM  

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